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Peter Curtis Architect is a full-service architecture practice founded in Minneapolis in 1991and relocated to May Township outside Marine on St. Croix in 1994.

In the past six years the studio has produced over 60 residential projects both large and small. Projects are approached as a collaborative search for form and style which expresses the aspirations of the owner. Whether for a new home, an addition or a renovation to an existing home, the design must be responsive to the site, the client’s expectations and the budget.

Projects have included cabins, retirement houses, bathroom and kitchen remodelings, screened porches, decks, studios, workshops and whole house renovations. Each project is approached individually, working closely with the owners to find the unique solution which best fits their needs.

Peter Curtis is a registered architect licensed in Minnesota and practicing architecture since 1978. Peter belongs to the American Institute of Architects, the Minnesota Society of the American Institute of Architects and is a past Vice-President of the Minnesota Chapter of Architects Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility.

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Peter Curtis Architect
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